Universal File Manager Framework

Built-in Samba Client

Easily accessing files on Computers, Time Capsule and Network drives.

Customizable OTG Client

Easily integrating file manager with any OTG (On The Go) style (includes Apple MFI) storage devices, supports wireless and lighting interfaces.

AV Online Streaming

No copy, play music, videos directly from Computers, Time Capsule, Network drives and OTG style storage devices.

Universal AVPlayer Framework based on the FFmpeg library

Full formats & protocols support

Supports the most audio, video formats, no convert hassles. Whatever the audio, video source protocol (file, ftp, http and realtime av protocol), user always get the consistent experience.

More features

Subtitle, fine seek, screenshot, multiple audio, subtitle tracks switch and retina display support.


Flexible, loose License

Unlimited projects, Can distribute binary products, Commercial use, free update for life.